poppa’s summers

never knew*

that the sun could be belligerent and kentucky had peaches that
the movement was most alive in the still country or that the
ankle tickle of the wishbone flowers could eclipse momma’s and
transport little peanut-head to prince of the heap or that the
power of popcorn ceilings and a backyard swing would
reverse-great-migrate chicagoan refugees

in recalling he spoke of the road to the house
and what we *always knew
that there was dirt and to wear black shoes
wear them like the pride armour of childhood
like the skinny ‘tucky twigs gave his fingers offerings in
smile-stained blood and conservative increments he grew
out them clark central color kicks
greek god !!

Clay Hudson (he/him) is a 17 year old poet, recording artist, and jazz drummer from Maplewood, New Jersey. His poetry covers a wide range of topics from the black experience in America to nature and food. He hopes to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia to study English in the fall of 2023.